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When thinking of my number ONE, I thought of so many people that in different stages of my life were my Number ONE!

As a Child my Dad was my Number ONE, I saw in him a hard working man that took care of his family, helped around the house,  loved to cook and was a great handyman during the weekend.  He taught me, that although in a managerial position, it was okay to roll up your sleeves and work together with your team.

Then, as a Teenager my number one were a couple of  people,  they all had Compassion and Love, they knew when I needed a hug and needed encouragement.  They were my Angels that God sent, while my home was going through turmoil.  Who were they?  my Best Friends Mothers,  Ida Cassale and Marina Carrion.  These women made an impact in my life that after 40 years I still honor them and love them, although they are no longer with us.

As an Adult,  at 54 years of age,  I look at my mother and I can see that throughout the years we didn’t see eye to eye, but that didn’t stop her from loving me or me loving her.  There are times we don’t see the impact in our lives from the person most closest to us.   In retrospect, I can see how my character was formed and how I became a Woman of Faith and Honor,  I’m an Entrepreneur and I love people.  These where characteristics I now can identify in my mother.

In conclusion,  these are just an example of my Number ONES!    There are much more!  Since each journey and each stage of life we are given the privilege to have Special people in our lives!

Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.  –  Napoleon Hill