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Do you keep track of your so-called “random acts of kindness”?

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Many grew up drinking the great soda pop or Soda for others. We never looked at the outcome it can do in our health. We were oblivious of the havoc it could wreak in our bodies. It’s not to late to look into this and make a decision. My Health or their Wealth!!

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Random Acts of Kindness

Posted: December 20, 2013 in Daily Prompts

There is nothing so gratifying than to do Random Acts of Kindness. Throughout the years I’ve done this and can see how people are so amazed.  But to sit and try to remember each act, well I can’t.  But, what I see is that we are just a vessel that permits this kindness to be channeled through us.

I will speak as a recipient of a Random Act of Kindness; It was over 30 years, I was a single mom of 4 young daughters. I had just moved to South Florida and was starting anew again. A 2 bedroom apartment was all I can afford for our family, but we were very happy. But one thing… We had no furniture, just our bedroom furniture. I received a living room and dinning room from two different people and can I tell you, although I didn’t care, It was amazing that the two sets of furniture matched perfectly! It was such an experience to feel the love of people I didn’t even know.

Receiving is magical but:

“Giving is better than receiving because giving starts the receiving process.” – Jim Rohn

I came across this video and couldn’t agree more, if only we would take charge of our health. What are you doing? Are you eating properly? exercising? taking correct supplements? laughing? Yep! I did mention laughter! It’s so good for you!!

Take a look a this video, I hope you take a different action plan for your life!

Take a look at my other website post and check out more information about health and wellness.

Katie Overcash, LCSW/RYT200 - Charlotte, NC



January 14th – Healthy Friendships

During this session we will discuss aspects of healthy friendships and how to recognize when they are not.

January 21st – Yoga

Jennifer will lead our group in some Asana Yoga, meditation, and breath work.

February 4th – Self-Esteem

We will use Virginia Satir’s Self-Esteem Tool Kit to learn about how it is developed.

February 18th- Yoga

Jennifer will lead our group in some Asana Yoga, meditation, and breath work.

March 4th – Letters of Encouragement

In this session we will write each other encouraging letters to use outside of group.

March 18th – Substance Use

During this group we will explore when we use substances as a replacement for healthy coping skills.


More dates to come!  Each session is on a Tuesday and will last from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. $15 a session.  If interested in signing your daughter up, please fill out…

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Are you dreading a change in your office?  or in Life?  Changes are inevitable, how we decide to embrace it will make us either succeed or just not move at all!    Enjoy this youtube:  Who Moved my Cheese?  by Spencer Johnson



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Now,  who would ever think that I’d want to be such a big and not so attractive looking animal?   It wasn’t until I read the book “Rhinoceros Success”  By Scott Alexander,  that I looked at that animal as one that I wouldn’t mind to be like.

Working on a business and trying the best to succeed is sometimes not an easy task.  You have many people with  points of views that are negative of what you are doing, why you are doing it and why not do something different?  ARGGGGGHH!!  If only we can turn off those negative thoughts and people that try to stop you to succeed in something you know in your heart is what you’ve been looking for.  If for any reason you fail….that’s okay.  How many times did Thomas Edison fail before he invented electricity?  How about Abraham Lincoln before he was President?  People see failing as useless, but really it’s taking you through a process to success!!  (That is if you permit it!)

The Rhinoceros is a huge animal that has an Adventurous Spirit!   Goes charging every day!!  Doesn’t need permission from anyone!

You might be depressed today…but it won’t hold you down, tomorrow you’ll be charging toward the top!

Don’t give yourself any more excuses!   There is no excuse to be happy,  are you in debt?  Young?  Old?  THERE are NO EXCUSES to avoid you to charge towards your success!!

This book has so much to teach us!!   WHO WILL BE A RHINOCEROS WITH ME!!   CHARGE!!!!!!!!