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1990 South Africa

Nelson Mandela 

1918 – 2013

He was born on July 18, 1918, he was named Rolihlahla, which translated roughly – and prophetically – to “troublemaker.” Isn’t it amazing that a name can make a difference in someones’ life, while the term “troublemaker” can be seen as a negative prospective, but truly who did he cause trouble for? He was accused of treason in 1964, where than was sentenced to life in prison and sent to Robben Island. As inmate No. 466/64, he slept on the floor of a six-foot-wide cell, did hard labor in a quarry, organized fellow prisoners – and earned a law degree by correspondence.

Nelson Mandela despite all adversary he didn’t let that stop him, where after spending 27 years in prison, led his country to democracy and became its first black president. It is amazing that although he spent 1/3 of his life in prison, he still didn’t let that hold him back in realizing his dream. A dream that was not just for him but for mankind.

I ask myself, what is holding me back to accomplish my goals and my Dreams? Today the Country of Africa mourns in the death of an illustrious man, but it also celebrates his life and all he did to lead his country to democracy!

May He always be an example of what Democracy stands for and what we need to do to obtain it and/or keep it!

Rest in Peace, Nelson Mandela Thank you for your contribution in our lives and for being a great Troublemaker.

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What is Democracy?

We are Democracy!

Have you asked yourself, What are you doing for the Democracy in the Americas?   Are you Educating yourself to make wise choices?  Are you exercising your right to send correspondence to your Congressman when you want to be heard?

This past week,  I had the privilege of attending a Symposium on “Democracy in the Americas”.   At first I must confess, It didn’t call my attention, thinking it would be more politics!  But this was more than Politics, Its what we are living and how we are living!

The speakers at this symposium were AMAZING!   Here are a few:

  • John Hart – Founder of Dialogues in Democracy Organization
  • Nathan E. Burrell –  Founder Honey Project
  • Carlos D. Mesa Gisbert – Former President of Bolivia
  • Dr. Bruce Bagley – Director of International Studies and Professor at University of Miami
  • Dr. Luis Alberto Lacalle Herrer – Former President of Uruguay

This event was organized by the Zambrano Foundation, Inc.    Zambrano Foundation is an organization dedicated to promote projects to educate, train and mentor the next generation of leaders of the Americas. The foundation is devoted to bringing together the leaders of the Americas in order to develop, promote and empower innovative social and educational programs where disenfranchised societies can strengthen democracy, economic development and equality.

Time to assure our Democracy!!  What will you do?