Holidays..Christmas..New Years!! MORE FOOD????

Posted: December 22, 2013 in Digestive Enzymes
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What does that mean to many? Well, for me being from a Puerto Rican Descent. It means eating, eating, and more eating!

It’s during this time we come out with all the Christmas meals, those that we only make during this time, because it is a special moment to spend with your family.

Christmas Eve menu will consist of:


“Coquito” – Spiced egg nog

“Pernil” – Roasted Pork

“Arroz con Gandules” – Rice with pigeon peas

“Pasteles” – smashed plantains patties with meat and boiled in plantain leaves!!

“Arroz con dulce” – Rice pudding

“Tembleque” – Coconut custard

Did you notice something here? the majority is CARBS!!! oh my Goodness! but how Good it is!!

OKAY… My little trick to assure I enjoy this food is to take some 4LIFE DIGESTIVE ENZYMES! OH YES, I’ll take this 1/2 hour prior to eating and I’m a very happy person! The Enzymes are fantastic in helping me digest the food.  Click on image for more information. 


Do you want more information? Because we do have NEW YEARS EVE!!



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