Forgive and Forget

Posted: December 21, 2013 in Daily Prompts
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Now that’s an interesting and Hot topic!    What can I say,  when you forgive you release yourself of any stresses and maybe even hate that will wreak havoc in your health one day or the other.

This year I had to decide to forgive the act of a certain person and continue my life without the stress and the agony of the wrong doing I suffered.    As a single mom I had to learn to make end meet, even without child support, at times.    My daughters are now all adults and my youngest is only 25 years old.  Child Support was always delayed for months and even at one time over a few years.  I never did anything to fight for the money,  since my X-husband had told me he knew he had to pay and that he would.   Well,  this year I received a letter from the courts stating that he (Mr. X)  did not owe me any money and that he wanted child support to close the case.    At first I was outraged!   I responded to the judge with all my proof and waited for a response.   Since the courts in Puerto Rico are not the same as those here in the United States,  they wanted my daughters to file a contempt and they themselves, needed to ask for the back child support.   That was not going to happen,  I was not going to put my girls in this problem.  Well, the Case was closed in favor of Mr. X.

At first, I cried for the injustice committed and  I was so angry at myself for trusting his word.   But then, I searched myself and realized,  is it worth it?  Why am I going to hold a grudge?  That won’t pay my bills or buy me something,  but it will steal more from myself and that would be my Peace.    I had to meet him at my daughter graduation from the Police academy.  I breathed and forgave.  When I arrived at the ceremony,  I looked at him, smiled and saluted him as if nothing had ever happened!!

I’m good!  I’m in Peace !!    I’m FREE!!

I forgive for myself!  My Peace!



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