Posted: December 10, 2013 in MOTIVATION, Network Marketing
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Now,  who would ever think that I’d want to be such a big and not so attractive looking animal?   It wasn’t until I read the book “Rhinoceros Success”  By Scott Alexander,  that I looked at that animal as one that I wouldn’t mind to be like.

Working on a business and trying the best to succeed is sometimes not an easy task.  You have many people with  points of views that are negative of what you are doing, why you are doing it and why not do something different?  ARGGGGGHH!!  If only we can turn off those negative thoughts and people that try to stop you to succeed in something you know in your heart is what you’ve been looking for.  If for any reason you fail….that’s okay.  How many times did Thomas Edison fail before he invented electricity?  How about Abraham Lincoln before he was President?  People see failing as useless, but really it’s taking you through a process to success!!  (That is if you permit it!)

The Rhinoceros is a huge animal that has an Adventurous Spirit!   Goes charging every day!!  Doesn’t need permission from anyone!

You might be depressed today…but it won’t hold you down, tomorrow you’ll be charging toward the top!

Don’t give yourself any more excuses!   There is no excuse to be happy,  are you in debt?  Young?  Old?  THERE are NO EXCUSES to avoid you to charge towards your success!!

This book has so much to teach us!!   WHO WILL BE A RHINOCEROS WITH ME!!   CHARGE!!!!!!!!

  1. T's Memoirs says:

    I have not heard of this book but thanks for recommending it.
    Good luck on your business. I wish you success.
    Within the next 10 years I hope to start my own business but I have so much to learn about running a one, it may be 10 years before I start one.

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