Democracy in the Americas

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Democracy
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What is Democracy?

We are Democracy!

Have you asked yourself, What are you doing for the Democracy in the Americas?   Are you Educating yourself to make wise choices?  Are you exercising your right to send correspondence to your Congressman when you want to be heard?

This past week,  I had the privilege of attending a Symposium on “Democracy in the Americas”.   At first I must confess, It didn’t call my attention, thinking it would be more politics!  But this was more than Politics, Its what we are living and how we are living!

The speakers at this symposium were AMAZING!   Here are a few:

  • John Hart – Founder of Dialogues in Democracy Organization
  • Nathan E. Burrell –  Founder Honey Project
  • Carlos D. Mesa Gisbert – Former President of Bolivia
  • Dr. Bruce Bagley – Director of International Studies and Professor at University of Miami
  • Dr. Luis Alberto Lacalle Herrer – Former President of Uruguay

This event was organized by the Zambrano Foundation, Inc.    Zambrano Foundation is an organization dedicated to promote projects to educate, train and mentor the next generation of leaders of the Americas. The foundation is devoted to bringing together the leaders of the Americas in order to develop, promote and empower innovative social and educational programs where disenfranchised societies can strengthen democracy, economic development and equality.

Time to assure our Democracy!!  What will you do?

  1. Thanks for finally writing about >Democracy in the Americas | News by Carolyn Perez <Loved it!

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